The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval

The Sims travel to the Middle Age


  • Attractive medieval atmosphere
  • Characters, buildings and objects have been redesigned
  • New: quests


  • May be a bit confusing for fans of the traditional sim gameplay

Very good

The Sims Medieval is a new title in The Sims saga, based on the same engine used by The Sims 3. It’s a complete, standalone game – not to be mistaken for an expansion set.

In The Sims Medieval you’re taken to the Middle Ages, where you’ll have to build a kingdom, choose an ultimate ‘ambition’ for that kingdom and then complete quests that reward you with the necessary kingdom points to achieve that goal.

Everything in The Sims Medieval has been adapted to medieval times: buildings, clothes, decoration and even professions. Your sims can become wizards, blacksmiths, knights, merchants or bards, among others. There’ll be also dangerous situations such as duels, plagues and peasant revolts. All the objects in the game have been redesigned to look handcrafted.

The Sims Medieval is quite different from any other Sims game you may have played before; the focus is still set on sims, but the kingdom as a whole also plays an important role. There’s romance, humor and adventure, but the game atmosphere is now slightly moodier and more dramatic – a reflection of those dark Medieval times.

The Sims Medieval lets you live new adventures with your sims in the Middle Ages.

The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval

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